Our anesthesia information management system (AIMS) enhances the quality and consistency of perioperative anesthesia care.

A customizable preoperative assessment simplifies information collection by automatically incorporating important clinical data from current and prior visits, and makes patient information easily available to others on the care team. An automated intra-operative anesthesia record provides complete patient information including medications, fluids, procedural events, and by interfacing with monitoring devices it automatically records patient vitals. This helps free clinician time to focus on the patient while automatically capturing quality assurance measures, supplies usage, and billing data.

Our system was developed to be used within large metropolitan hospital operating rooms as well as small outpatient surgery centers. It is detailed enough to be able to document hundreds of procedural events but because it only requires a couple of screens, it is fast and intuitive to use. Our system provides the core functionality of a comprehensive hospital grade AIMS at a price that works for everyone.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features

Fully functional web based AIMS that requires minimal hardware infrastructure, no expensive servers or software licenses.

Completely customizable preoperative forms as well as interoperative anesthesia templates.

Extremely detailed anesthesia record.

Accurately record billing and facility related information.

Intuitive and easy for physicians and staff to use.

“Event keys” that record standard procedures in one step.

Automatic integration of data from anesthesia machines, ventilators, and patient monitors.

Timestamps and electronic signatures.

Interfaces with third party practice management systems and EMR’s.


Why should my practice consider an electronic anesthesia record?

Benefits for your patients

Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown a reduction in negative patient outcomes when an AIMS that supports checklists and procedural templates is deployed. Safeguards ensure that the appropriate questions are being asked and that checks are being verified throughout the peri-operative process.

A Sample Form

Benefits for your practice

Hand written anesthesia records as demonstrated in multiple studies, are prone to the omission of several types of data. Without a detailed report, there can be no certainty regarding the steps taken during a procedure; some of the most common key omissions include missing chronological notations relating to time events, medication updates, changes in patient vitals and events that might affect billing. The consequences of these omissions range from under billing for services and medications, to insufficient documentation to successfully defend a malpractice claim.

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At Linear Medical, we are committed to delivering exceptional Customer Support. Our Technical team is available over the phone or email to provide post production assistance. We understand that the implementation is only the beginning and our commitment to excellence is what separates us from our competitors.


Our implementation team is committed to client satisfaction. We will be by your side throughout the Implementation process – delivering industry best practices tailored specifically to your organization unique patient and business workflow.


We offer a variety of training models to meet your organization’s needs. Fortunately, with an application that’s so intuitive, as well as being built around your existing processes, training rarely requires more than a twenty minute video conference. However, should your practice required more intensive training; we’re ready to meet your needs.

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For the past ten years we have developed a wide range of medical applications, ranging from charge capture to medical billing systems, rules engines to compliance auditing, and from EMR’s to electronic prescription systems. All of our products have been geared around one central theme, to make medical software more affordable and therefore more available and to remove the financial barriers to entry that the expensive proprietary healthcare systems have put up.

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